About Us

Sri Ranganadh Nursery is one of the most leading title in kadiyapulanka.We have vast experience in nursery field.Our nursery is having widest range of plants.We have the ability to supply any number of plants and to anywhere in India.

We supply the varieties needed to landscapers like lawn varieties and all sorts of plants.They also expertises in developing garden features like rock gardens, ponds, water falls, bridges, arches, pergolas and pathways.

We specialize in a variety of Seasonal ( Annum ) and Ornamental plants of both kind i.e. Flowering and Decorative. Our main lines include Petunia, Salvia, Celosia, Vinca and its Variety.

We Are proud to Say Our Nursery will give more Available products & Services.Sri Ranganadh nursery is one of the nursery that young plants are propagated. It is in the nursery where different kinds of ornamental plants are planted and grown until such time that they are ready to be transferred into the garden.With a nursery, plants and any kind easily be raised and propagated.

We pride ourselves on our service, quality and variety of products and are constantly searching for new and exciting lines to bring to our clients. Our attempt to transform an ordinary plot of land into a quiet refuge of splendor passes through many aspects of work from concept to completion. The practice followed ranges from environment impact studies, landscape master plans to detailed implementation of ideas.

Our innovative use of natural shapes and textures brings in a subtle contrast to the surrounding areas. Our landscape designers will work to translate your dreams into a natural setting that will grow in beauty with each passing season.

Our specifically blended services include environmental and visual assessments, landscaping planning and feasibility studies, landscape design and development, sale, rental & maintenance of all horticultural products.

The type of work we undertake always varies from client to client, whether it for developers, companies, government agencies and departments, industries, private villas, hotels and exhibitions in the town.

Our nurseries produce an impressive range of garden plants that have been tried and tested by us for their garden worthiness. We offer healthy plants grown to the highest standards picked directly from our nursery and delivered to you in the best possible condition.

We believe we offer the highest standard of landscape services with the most efficient and effective delivery system that's acknowledged by our customers.

Sri Ranganadha Nursery garden maintenance division has the experience to provide both for public property and residential property prompt professional year round garden care. Our staff, not only do water, fertilize, clean, trim, provide insect control on a weekly basis but are also trained in a variety of other expert horticultural services. Regular maintenance can optimize the diversity, habitat, and aesthetic potential of your garden.